Adequately Fund and Support Public Education

Texas has some of the best teachers in the country — it is high time we pay them accordingly. We must ensure teaching is a viable career, and end the teacher shortage to guarantee future generations access to a quality education.

Update and Expand Infrastructure

Texans deserve infrastructure investment and restoration. We're facing a failing power grid, insufficient access to high speed internet in rural communities, and a desperate need for flood mitigation. It is time we fix the things impacting Texans on a daily basis.

Protect and Ensure the Constitutional Rights of all Texans

Texans have always been fiercely independent, and have always fought for the rights of the individual. It is no secret that the rights of Texans have been messed with. All Texans have the right to body autonomy and medical freedom. All Texans have the right to participate in secure, free and fair elections. None of our rights are safe until ALL of our rights are protected.