• Federal highway programs: $26.9 billion

Texas’ highway network, the nation’s largest, is the backbone of its economy. Our economic growth depends in large part on the efficiency, reliability and safety of our highways and transportation systems, which support individual mobility needs as well as commerce and industry.

But our roads face challenges from population growth, deteriorating infrastructure and rapidly rising road construction costs.

Texas poised for record $85 billion-plus in road construction

Dug Begley


Staff writer

July 11, 2022Updated: July 11, 2022 2:57 p.m.

  • Public transportation: $3.3 billion

  • Drinking water infrastructure (and removing lead pipes): $2.9 billion

  • Airports: $1.2 billion

  • Bridge replacement and repairs: $537 million

  • Electric vehicle charging network: $408 million

  • Broadband expansion: $100 million

More than 2 million Texas households don’t have high-speed internet.

  • Wildfire protection: $53 million

  • Cyberattacks protection: $42 million

The White House also estimated that $3.5 billion will be invested to weatherize the country’s energy infrastructure, but it wasn’t immediately clear how much of that money would go to Texas or how those plans could combine with measures approved by the Texas Legislature this year in response to February’s devastating winter storm.