About Kristin

Mother, Minister, Educator.

I’m Kristin Johnson and I want to make public education the best it can be for our children and our future. I want to make children feel safe, give them and their teachers outstanding resources, and prepare them for the world that awaits them and their dreams; not make them a political football for extremists.

I am a mother of three and have been happily married for almost 20 years. My family moved to Texas from Oklahoma when I was about eight years old. All my best childhood memories are rooted in Montgomery County. My first job was teaching Sunday school for Fellowship of the Woodlands, now called Woodlands Church, back in 1998. I knew even then that my calling in life was to be an advocate for children. I answered this calling by continuing to work in Children’s Ministry and Mission work. In college I pursued and earned a Montessori Teaching Certificate; and I spent the better part of the last two decades teaching children to read and write.

Due to COVID, I stepped away from my work to focus on my own children. During this time, I, like so many, have watched the failures of our local representatives. I also saw how their failed policies were impacting not only the lives of the children of Montgomery County, but all Texans. I became more frustrated as I watched populations become marginalized, while others have had their constitutional rights threatened or even stripped away.

I refuse let our current representatives continue to marginalize and vilify members of our community. I am running to fully support Texas public schools and defend the rights of all Texans. As a mother I won’t let anyone mess with our kids and as a Christian I know it is my duty to stand up for the marginalized in our society. Texas is my home and there is no space for hate or radical extreme policies here. I believe Texas' representatives should serve all Texans, and not special interest groups or extremists.